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Requirement :

Replace Web Editor on

Ihave an outdated web editor on that I use the populate the content across the site. It is not cross browser compatible, and I cannot upload images, etc. You can see what I have by going to the admin part of username: kgourad password: Morocco97 (newer one, but still same problems)

I am sure you know of a better web editor. I like the one used in Joomla. But it doesn’t have to be that one. It should be light. It should work with all major browsers. and it should give me the ability to upload pictures into the html code, as opposed to just linking to them.

Video Script
There is a script on that used to allow me to post youtube videos and have them cycle on the front page. (the box called “Moroccan Videos). The script is on:
Well. For some reason, the script stopped working. I’d like you to fix that. Also,
I’d like you to list the same videos on the page video.phtml. Maybe about 20 videos per page.

Search Engine Friendly URLs
Right now the URL’s are displaying the article ID’s. I’d like them to display the actual title of the article, the spotlight and the Moroccan of the month. So that the site can be more search engine friendly.

Image Cycling Script on
I need a script for that cycles through uploaded images. It should basically allow me to upload images, and delete them, and on the front end the images appear with a next and previous button.

Captcha and Video Script Integration on
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