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Requirement :

1. This page ( does not look like the example page I showed you at Gucci:

— There should be background behind this part of the page, over the template. Shades of our blue (used in the logo on our website) would be good. I see three colors on the Gucci site: the pattern behind the menu on the left and right, the beige below the pictures, and the caramel that surrounds the images on the main page.

–When you mouseover, the frame around the image should change color to highlight the image — probably the green in our logo would work. When you click on an image, it should go to the “catalogue,” not directly to the image. The Gucci page does this, then you click on an image again and get it popping out with a description. We like this part as you have it. Could the first sentence or so of the description pop out like a drawer opening below the picture on image mouseover?

2. On the Gucci site, the menu is on both sides, we really want that here as well. The menu should have space for submenus. You may have that built in already, I just don’t see in the admin where I would break it out. If you check our Products menu, it shows the product lines with subcategories as we will be using them.

3. Also, you and I had discussed flipping the Catalogue tab on the home page to the outside of the white frame, about 1/2 cm to the right of where it is now.
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