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Requirement :

I am trying to keep the simple look of the original website (only blue/white colors), but also add the functionality of my competitor’s website.

In addition I’d like to do the following changes. See the attached file titled Toolbar changes that is a picture of the below changes:

1) Make the “Remember” word in bold red text in the upper left corner

2) Right align the “Login >> Register >> Member List >> Members Online (0)” and “There have also been 142 website visits, there are a total of 2 conversions, 3 downloads and 2 members” parts so they don’t cross the vertical dotted line in the picture. These should align with the right side of the vertical banner ad below it.

3) Move the bookmark button to the right of the horizontal banner ad (see picture) and put a box around it. Put the words “Bookmark this website now!” above the button but inside the box (similar to the paypal button)

4) Move the logo so it is entirely on the blue part of the header so it doesn’t cross the horizontal dotted line in the picture.. Also remove the old house button next to the words “Download & convert Youtube videos into MP3 music for Free”

5) Add a bookmark button to the right of the “Register” button in the toolbar

6) Add a terms button to the right of the “FAQ” button in the toolbar

7) When I click on any of the buttons in the toolbar “FAQ/Terms/Stats/Login/etc”, the horizontal ad banner, paypal donate button, bookmark box, and vertical ad banner should be on all pages. Right now when I click on the FAQ button for example, it goes to the page however the ads/bookmark box/paypal box disappear.

8) Change the toolbar color from red to dark blue html color code #000066

9) Remove the toolbar at the bottom of the page and ad a few banner that I will provide

10) Other changes as needed as project progresses
  • problem

    On the index page, chage the "Frequently Asked Questions Box" to the title "Welcome to our free, and simple to use video to mp3 conversion tool!". In the box put the following text and left align it: "Welcome to, the best online video to audio conversion tool which allows you to download your favorite videos into mp3 format. For example, say you like a certain music video on YouTube, and you want it as a song to listen to on your iPod, computer or stereo, just copy the link for the video, paste it into our tool, and it will automatically convert the video to an mp3 file ready for you to download, listen to, and share with your friends within seconds! If you come across any problems, want to give Feedback or you would like us to add new features, don't hestitate to Contact us."

  • solution

    I have taken maximum effort to fix this design .Because the older design was very messy & not having proper styles and alignments. ( We cannot make any alignment further. Current layout is the exact fit for your site contents.If we make a changes in design further, it will affect the layout).

    Also for the user section ,there was separate header, footer & layout.

    Now i have fixed all the design issues & look like

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