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Requirement :


1. Upload all banners for merchants(We need to see the logos) in the list sent to you onto the page, US and UK merchants will be separated respectively

2. Under featured products lets display electronic goods also.

3. Find a way to display the most popular products like electronics on the home page

4. Go to the coupons page This page is built from another network called prosperent(Ill send UN and PW with the other 4 above). Here we need to upload all of the discount coupons in the prosperent DB(We only currently have the first 100)

5. We need to somehow upload the “US” and “UK” products with merchants from the prosperent system onto our site(Maybe a new page that says HOT US/UK products). Not sure but we need all these merchants as well on the site somehow.

6. All the above tasks needs to be very clean and not cluster the site so I trust you pull it off.

PHP Customization –
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