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Requirement :

1) I want to re-do my email newsletter template. this is the first priority. I suppose some of this is design stuff so tell me if it’s not your thing and I can find another solution. I’ve attached the ideal design as a .jpg file for you to look at and model. I’ve also attached the current header I am trying to work into the design. i really just need this header (and the text to be active links) to be able to sit at the top of a table from which I can alter the code manually/insert images (from image manager), etc. here are a few of the specs i would like for this design to adhere to:
a) HTML or maybe CSS, or if you have a better idea to make it easily marked-up in any email application or on web.
b) body to be HTML so I can easily format, change, alter.
c) prefer to not have to send/download any image files to the recipient….everything comes from our image manager DB and/or is HTML based
d) prefer to not load as a template in phplist. we will just reload the last email code (from looking at the old message cue) and alter for the next send-out. if it must be loaded as a phplist template then fine but it has to work!
e) I do like the cells with rounded corners….would be cool if we could get this to work.
f) a design that loads quickly, easily without bogging down a persons’s email app/browser.

The process by which I build my email newsletter is: A) loging to phplist ( b) go to ‘send a message’ c)paste the code or HTML image into the phplist on-board HTML editor. then use the tools there to replace images, update text, replicate cells, tables, and then send.

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