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Requirement :

Following are the client’s requirements:

1. I have a worldwide postal code database that I want imported into my existing MySQL database.

2. I would like the site broken down by the continents. North America, South America, Europe etc

3. I would like the home page to be static, right now its semi dynamic based on what state you select. I have tried to change this in the config but it still will not work. Example-If you go to the site and select a state and then come back to the homepage, the state you selected before will be already selected. This could be a cookies issue.

4. Currently there is no way for ads that are expiring to be renewed. It looks like they built something into the script but it’s not active. The email template for expiring ads is there. It appears the code for the renewal is commented out for some reason. That code may not work and new code will need to be written.

5. The countries on the right sidebar are open when you first come to the site, I would rather have them expanded when someone clicks on them. Also since I am adding the rest of the world to the site, I need an easy solution to not have 230+ countries take up a mile of scrolling.

6. The events calendar is a mess and total waste of space. I like the idea of people being able to put up events but they are currently not tied to the postal codes and they should be. I am open to suggestions on how this feature could be reworked.

7. I would like to have a postal code validation when users post their classified ad. What is currently happening is if a user from Canada puts in a postal code like this E22A11 the site will accept the ad but it will never be displayed since the format for searching is E22 A11. So there needs to be some way for users to put in the postal code and no matter how they do it, the database will display it in searches.

8. The worldwide postal code data will need to be indexed so that searches don

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