Theme customization on photography site

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Requirement :

I am looking for some help with a secondary website I am building through wordpress. I am new to WP and have been having fun building it but have begun to hit a wall.

The fixes I am looking for are below:

-Create child theme

-Slow down flow slider on home page

-Add background to entire site (I would provide the graphic)

-Add pictures to all blog post previews. In other words: when you click on “The Blog” on the site I can’t get the individual blog posts to show individual preview images.

Everything I have created so far is a test. If I can overcome the above obstacles I will begin adding more professional content.

Theme customization on photography site
  • problem

    I posted to the blog " Test Post 2 (3/14/13) "....initially it did not work when logging out of WP and looking at site. Then about 5 minutes after posting it it appeared. So I decided to do one last post to make sure everything is in working order. I added the post " Test Post 3 (3/14/13) ", logged out and have viewed the page multiple times over the last 30 minutes. The post has yet to appear.

  • solution

    This issue was due to wp super cache plugin. Default post contents are stored & created as html file inside " wpsupercache " folder. It will not get refreshed, when we update a post / page contents. I have checked all the config settings & fixed this problem.
    I have removed older cache files & set super-cache config " Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated " settings.

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