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Requirement :

What I would like is under (which sits under Media on top menu) that there is the ability to allocate different passwords for different clients. At the moment WordPress only allows for one password.

I would like to show after the client has entered their password is a type of blog format which allows us to share thought papers, videos of recent workshops etc.

Password protected categories on
  • problem

    The client himself did this using a wordpress admin "private" or "password protected" page. But through this, we can able to provide a single password for the page.

  • solution

    To achieve this tricky requirements.I have added a custom wordpress function which fullfil the client's exact needs.

    I have added an additional field called "Category Password" in "Add & Edit Category" form in admin. Admin can assign different password to different categories.

    In Client area page, when client enters the password, the categories associated with the password will be displayed for the particular client.

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