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Requirement :

The sites I sent as references do have custom made video scripts. Instead of us doing the same I went with the JW Player WordPress Plugin. I already have my custom player and made modifications to it. I also already have the capability of of making thumbnail images as hypherlinks to the actual full post video with the custom player.

What I am looking for is getting my video section to display a proper “Three Post Column layout” I have been able to do it on my own but have messed up with the coding involving the CSS.

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  • problem

    If you notice in or they have a daily archive of post. So here is how i want it to look.

  • solution

    I have tried to implement the archived post by date in the video section.
    It is quite hard to fix it in Wordpress. I am still finding the better solution to get this done. No sites could done this stuff in wp still now.

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