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Requirement :

I need some tweaking in the current theme,

First: we need to change navigation elements to our logo green, I have changed theme color but there are still some navigation buttons blue.
Second: I need to remove all comments/reply from the bottom of every page, also remove upload details about posts in portfolio
Third: posts at the bottom of the page(kitchen and bathroom picture currently) needs to be removed

My goal is to create front page where our potential clients can easily find what they are looking for and by clicking on widget they will be redirected to page with more details about particular service. Also from 4 portfolio menu under slider (currently design, new construction, kitchen and bathrooms, exterior remodeling) I want to be able to jump into that particular portfolio that will include more pictures from related service and some complimentary text on side(widget), also categories menu should be at all these categories sub-pages so visitor can jump into different category easy. More categories should be easily added if needed.

WP Theme Customization
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