Sundar Rajan comes highly recommended. He was able to take on several urgent PHP tasks for us at short notice, successfully accomplishing what we requested in a timely and professional manner. His communication skills are excellent and we will be calling upon his professional skills again in the near future.

Micah Roberts

Sundar Rajan took the time to fully understand our PHP and mySQL programming needs and made the modifications exactly as required and within the time promised. You cannot ask for more than that kind of efficiency. We would highly recommend Sundar for your programming and development needs. He was excellent to work with.

A. Adleman

Sundar is by far the most professional, affordable and reliable programmer I have ever had the pleasure to consult and do business with. I recently bought a dating software package from Russia, full of bugs, in dire need of modifications and no qualified help to assist me. He analyzed the code and swiftly fixed all of the major issues presented to him while communicating clearly to me what was occurring the throughout the entire project.

Paul Paige

Sundar Rajan is a professional, and highly capable software developer, He was able to deliver our custom management tools on time and on budget. His communication skills were excellent, and he was a delight to work with.

James Dilworth

Sundar has been an extremely reliable and knowledgeable developer to work with. He has in-depth understanding of the linux/windows/php/mysql stack, and has the technical prowess to learn and adapt to other technologies as well. Also, he s extremely capable of putting himself into the users position and makes great suggestions on how to make a site better or more technically efficient. I grew to trust him after only a few days of working with him as his work ethic is solid.

Kevin Lu

Sundar Rajan is a very talented PHP/MySQL software developer and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has completed a number of development tasks for us including porting an existing stand alone application to an online framework while following our specifications to the letter. In addition he has developed additional user and content management tools for use administering this mission critical application. He is very eager to make sure we are satisfied and has submitted all deliverables on time for testing.

Will Martin

I talk to Sundar on a daily basis. His turnaround time has been the fastest I’ve ever seen and I’ve been in the web industry for 7 years. He is very dependable and he always seen a job through the very end. I appreciate his help and I’ve stopped hunting for a programmer.

Shane Thompson

Thank you Sundar for handling our web-site project quickly and professionally.You did the project right the first time, no problems or excuses. You solved our problem here at and we’ll be using your services in the future.

Les Snyder

Modifications in a timely matter. Not only were the tasks completed quickly, the quality of work was superior to other programmers I’ve used in the past.


Sundar was a pleasure to work with. He is reliable, trustworthy and a good communicator. I would definately work with him again.

George Pessin

Sundar has done some fantastic work for me, He’s workmanship and backup support with programming is #1 in my book. Looking forward to working with him long in to the future.

Tim Williamson

Sundar Rajan took a very challenging and advance project that no one else wanted to take for our Corporate.


Sundar is amazing! If writing code were surgery, Sundar would be one of the top Neurosurgeons. Fast, accurate, and reliable all at a reasonable price! He really comes through for us!


Working with Sundar was a breeze. His work is quality and the turn-around was very quick. He also has many ways to contact him so being a hemisphere apart was no problem. I would definitely send more work his way.