WordPress Fixes – Assemblybio.com

1. I have a nav that I’m trying to keep one color (white) on active/hover but it will not accept the css color- there is a line under the active nav item that also needs to be white. (example http://www.ddgview.com/ab/

WordPress Customization – Grillohiggins.com

Custom Theme Development: We need a custom wordpress theme developed (can’t be an obvious modification of a commercially available theme or standard wordpress theme). All we need is a theme, sliced as per the layout above (essentially the main page,

Theme customization on photography site

I am looking for some help with a secondary website I am building through wordpress. I am new to WP and have been having fun building it but have begun to hit a wall. The fixes I am looking for

Responsive Theme Bug Fixing on Bonfireusa.com

We are having an issue with our newly created WP site (http://bonfireusa.com). We cannot continue development because of a serious issue. It seems to be working on Apple products (Mac, Iphone, Ipad) but not on PCs. It was working perfectly

MALICIOUS CODE REMOVAL on Hatchettevents.com

I noticed that when I googled our site, it had Viagra, Levitra, Payday loan spam advertised under our link. When I went to the source of our page, I noticed all that this spam was embedded in every page of